Product Dimensions

Load Bearing Shim Dimensions

Our load bearing construction shim is molded in a sheet of 10 shims. They can be parted off as single shims or double wide or triple wide to match the width you need.

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Hinge Shim Dimensions

Product dimensions diagram

Our hinge shims are molded in a sheet of three shims molded edge to edge. They can be parted off individually or folded into two or three together for easier installation. Each shim will move the door 1/16 inch away from the millwork.

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Johnny Shim Dimensions

The Johnny Shims are molded in a series of increasing thickness increments or “steps”. Thus as you slide the length of shims under the flange you will feel these “steps” begin to pick up the load and raise the flange.

When you have four lengths of the shims under the flange and uniformly bearing the load, you can use a level to determine if you have the bowl rim level. Then make your final adjustments to level the rim.

Next, tighten the two flange hold down nuts until they are “snug”. Recheck the bowl rim for level and last you can part off the exposed length of each of the shims by lifting up on them. They will part off adjacent to the flange. Tools are not required.

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