Load Bearing Information

What does Load Bearing mean and why is it so important?

Load bearing, as defined by wordnetweb.princeton.edu: cabable of bearing a structural load; “a supporting wall”.

Our Load Bearing shims outperform all other wood and composite shims. They’re impervious to the damaging effects of mold and weather as well.

EZ-Shims have also been tested for load capacity. We included wood (cedar and pine) shims in our tests for comparison. Results showed that EZ-Shims are able to withstand many times the load over ordinary wood shims. In fact, the main body of EZ-Shim supported over 4X the load over conventional cedar shims. In addition, EZ-Shims are much more consistent in their capacity to support. In other words, the thinnest part of an shim can take just as much weight as the thickest part which we found not to be the case with regular wood shims. Build with confidence knowing that your shim won’t shrink, rot, split or wither away when you use EZ-Shim for your projects, big or small.

Another area that often gets overlooked, is durability of shims. Our shims are highlly suitable for conditions that are moist, damp, wet and submerged, which can be the case with statues, fountains and landscape sculptures.

“How much weight can your shims handle?”

Test results show how the thin part of a EZ-Shim can support just about the same amount of weight as the thick part.

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