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Johnny Shim
JS 500 BP

JS 500 BP


Shims snap cleanWe're proud to introduce, Johnny Shim, our newest product!

Johnny Shim has been designed to level and safely support porcelain bath fixtures. Each saddle shaped lug's height grows in 1/32" increments. Johnny Shim's unique curve helps lock the shim securely under the base of the toilet so it can't work its way out. Pedestal sinks, bidets and cast iron tubs are easier to install with Johnny Shim as well.

Johnny Shim, Quick Align Hinge Shim and EZ-Shim are all made from the same composite material. You'll know you're using a high quality and consistent shim, able to support loads up to 8.000 psi.

Toilets need to be level in order to work optimally, and most of the time, an uneven floor is the problem. Johnny Shim will protect, level and support your porcelain fixtures. When a toilet or sink comes into direct contact with a tile floor, damage can occur to the floor as well. Johnny Shim is engineered to be there for the duration. a significant advantage over other products.

To use, slide Johnny Shim under the flange base until toilet is supported, then lift to snap off the excess. Johnny Shims are conveniently molded in white to hide after caulking and are compatible with all types of caulk and construction adhesives. A minimum of 4 shims (one for each corner) are usually recommended for one toilet or fixture installation.

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Made in the U.S.A.

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