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Shim a Toilet Step by Step

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If you've been following along in our How-to Installation series, you're now ready to finish tightening the hold-down nuts (as shown in Fig. 9). Sit on the toilet once or twice to make sure the fixture is mated to the floor properly.

Note: It's very important that you don't over-tighten the nuts. You want them snug enough to keep the fixture in place, and secure enough to prevent wobbling or migrating.

Also, make sure the plastic washers are sandwiched between the metal washers and porcelain to help prevent cracking.

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Johnny Shims are also designed to speed and simplify installation.

Now that the hold-down nuts are tightened, lift shim up (Fig. 10) untill it breaks.

  Remove screws

The excess portion will snap off and lift away. You can use a knife to clean up any burrs.

Your toilet installation should now look something like this (Fig. 11).

Remove screws

Run a bead of kitchen & bath silicone caulk around the base (Fig. 12).

Johnny Shims are molded in white, so they'll hide well.

Protect your investment.
Insist on the best.

Ask for them by name: Johnny Shims.

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