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Shim a Toilet Step by Step

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Place your level across the top of the bowl as shown in Fig. 5. Adjust by sliding the shims in, or out from under the base until you're satisfied with the position of the fixture.

Johnny Shims are designed specifically for porcelain fixtures. Ask for them by name to ensure a solid toilet installation.


  Remove screws

Use a tape measure to check tank to wall spacing (Fig. 6). Settle the tank lid a couple times to find the proper positioning. Use your eye as well. A nice even gap is what you're looking for here.

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Don't forget to check the level from front to back (Fig. 7), as well as side to side.

Adjust shims as needed.

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Our toilet is now level and looking good (Fig. 8).

We're now ready to move on to the final step of our how-to installation.

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