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Shim a Toilet Step by Step

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Create a checklist of items you'll need (Fig. 1).

wax toilet bowl gasket
toilet hold down hardware
silicone caulk
2 ft. level
tape measure
1 pkg. Johnny Shims

Remove old gasket from the flange with a putty knife. Clean up with paper towels and a solvent such as WD-40 or mineral spirits.

Typically, the distance where the flange mates to the bottom of the toilet, should be about 3/4". If there's a problem such as the flange being rusted, rotted out, cracked or loose, seek the help of a licnsed plumbing contractor. A good, even seal is what you want here.

  Door gap

Install new hold-down hardware in the toilet flange (Fig. 2). The new wax ring can turn into a gooey mess, so handle with care. Follow the instructions inluded with the wax ring.

  Remove screws

Gently place the toilet over the wax ring and flange (Fig. 3). As you set the toilet down, carefully align the toilet holes over the hold-down bolts.

Don't rush this step. Taking your time here can save you the agony of chipping the porcelain fixture or tile floor.

  Remove screws

Install four (4) Johnny Shims under base (one at each corner) so toilet is supported and doesn't rock (Fig. 4). Don't snap off the excess yet. Begin tightening down the hold-down nuts and the seal will press into the base of the toilet.

The top of the lugs on Johnny Shims are saddle shaped, so they'll lock in place, support and stay put.

  Remove screws
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