The Johnny Shims

We’re proud to introduce Johnny Shim, our newest product!

Johnny Shim has been designed to level and safely support porcelain bath fixtures. Each saddle shaped lug’s height grows in 1/32″ increments.  Johnny Shim’s unique cupped and curved saddle helps lock the shim securely under the base of the toilet so it can’t work its way out. Pedestal sinks, bidets and cast iron tubs are easier to install with Johnny Shim as well.

Johnny Shim, Quick Align Hinge Shim and EZ-Shim are all made from the same composite material. You’ll know you’re using a high quality and consistent shim, able to support loads up to 8.000 psi.

Toilets need to be level in order to work optimally, and most of the time, an uneven floor is the problem. Johnny Shim will protect, level and support your porcelain fixtures. When a toilet or sink comes into direct contact with a tile floor, damage can occur to the floor as well. Johnny Shim is engineered to be there for the duration. A significant advantage over other products.

To use, start at the narrowest gap between the floor and the flange, slide Johnny Shim under the flange base until you feel it pick up the load, then you know the toilet is supported, and finally lift to snap off the excess. Johnny Shims are conveniently molded in white to hide after caulking and are compatible with all types of caulk and construction adhesives. A minimum of 4 shims (one for each corner) are usually recommended for one toilet or fixture installation. Remember to begin shim installation at the thinnest gap, as it gives you the best use of each package of shims.

See our How-To installation process below.

Made in the U.S.A.

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Easy Installation

How To Install Hinge Shims

Take a look at the step-by-step instructions on how to correct the alignment of a toilet with Johnny Shims below.

Material Checklist: wax toilet bowl gasket, toilet hold down hardware, silicone caulk, 2 ft. level, tape measure, knife, wrench and 1 pkg. Johnny Shims

Step 1

Remove old gasket from the flange with a putty knife. Clean up with paper towels and a solvent such as WD-40 or mineral spirits.

Typically, the distance where the flange mates to the bottom of the toilet, should be about 3/4″. If there’s a problem such as the flange being rusted, rotted out, cracked or loose, seek the help of a licensed plumbing contractor. A good, even seal is what you want here.

Step 2

Install new hold-down hardware in the toilet flange. The new wax ring can turn into a gooey mess, so handle with care. Follow the instructions included with the wax ring.

Step 3

Gently place the toilet over the wax ring and flange. As you set the toilet down, carefully align the toilet holes over the hold-down bolts.

Don’t rush this step. Taking your time here can save you the agony of chipping the porcelain fixture or tile floor.

Step 4

Install four (4) Johnny Shims under base (one at each corner) so toilet is supported and doesn’t rock. Don’t snap off the excess yet. Begin tightening down the hold-down nuts and the seal will press into the base of the toilet.

The top of the lugs on Johnny Shims are saddle shaped, so they’ll lock in place, support and stay put.

Step 5

Place your level across the top of the bowl. Adjust by sliding the shims in, or out from under the base until you’re satisfied with the position of the fixture.

Johnny Shims are designed specifically for porcelain fixtures. Ask for them by name to ensure a solid toilet installation.

Step 6

Use a tape measure to check tank to wall spacing. Settle the tank lid a couple times to find the proper positioning. Use your eye as well. A nice even gap is what you’re looking for here.

Step 7

Don’t forget to check the level from front to back, as well as side to side. Adjust shims as needed.

Step 8

Our toilet is now level and looking good. We’re now ready to move on to the final step of our how-to installation.

Step 9

You’re now ready to finish tightening the hold-down nuts. Sit on the toilet once or twice to make sure the fixture is mated to the floor properly.

Note: It’s very important that you don’t over-tighten the nuts. You want them snug enough to keep the fixture in place, and secure enough to prevent wobbling or migrating.

Also, make sure the plastic washers are sandwiched between the metal washers and porcelain to help prevent cracking.

Step 10

Johnny Shims are also designed to speed and simplify installation. Now that the hold-down nuts are tightened, lift shim up until it breaks.

Step 11

The excess portion will snap off and lift away. You can use a knife to clean up any burrs. Your toilet installation should now look something like this.

Step 9

Run a bead of kitchen & bath silicone caulk around the base. Johnny Shims are molded in white, so they’ll hide well.

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This product can expose you to styrene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

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