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Hinge Shims

HS 350 BP
HS 350 BP
HS 350 BP

Shims snap cleanHinge Shims are available in three convenient sizes for residential, commerical, interior and exterior door hinges. Quite often, a piece of cardboard (or worse) is used behind the hinge when installing a door or correcting an out of alignment jamb. However, cardstock and cardboard compress, which causes doors to migrate, sag and bind in the jamb. Hinge Shim helps prevent future problems such as the need to plane the door and costly refinishing work.

Hinge Shim saves time as they are engineered to fit neatly behind the hinge plate, with one of the screws backed out part way, allowing the door to remain in place during installation. Hinge Shims, EZ-Shims and Johnny Shims are all made of the same material so you know you're using a high quality, shim able to support loads up to 8,000 psi.

For more severe gaps, Hinge Shims are designed to fold into a "z" pattern creating a triple thick shim. Hinge Shims are slightly wedge shaped as well, allowing additional control during installation or simple door gap correction.

Hinge Shims are also ideal for the steel doors & jambs commonly found in hotels, offices and modern commercial buildings. If necessary, our specially formulated blend of ABS and styrene plastic can be trimmed or cut easily with a knife, side cutters or simply folded by hand.

Each shim moves the hingepin 1/16" and that means that Hinge Shims are ideal for places where a thin shim is needed. Cabinet installation, hardwood floor repair, a subfloor adjustment, hobbies & crafts are just a few of the tasks that call for a thinner shim.

Hinge Shims are availabe in three sizes: 3.5", 4" and 4.5". Most residential interior door applications call for 3.5" hinge shims, while the larger hinge shims are designed for larger interior & exterior, steel doors and frames. In the past, if a steel door needed a minor adjustment, a hammer was used to whack or bend the door hinge. Hinge Shim by EZ-Shim offers a much cleaner and more effective solution to this problem.

Click on our "how-to" installation link for an example of a door gap adjustment using Hinge Shims.

Made in the U.S.A.

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