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Step by Step Door Alignment

How to fix a sticking, binding or crooked door without refinishing:

A common problem is a door which is not straight in the jamb resulting in binding, sticking, rubbing, etc. We recommend the use of Quick Align Hinge Shims to align the door in the jamb and possibly avoid refinishing the door.

First, examine the door's uneven gap. It is usually tight, or rubbing at the top and has a wider gap at the bottom. Often, this is due to the door hinge screws only penetrating or anchoring in the thin millwork of the jamb, rather than the more substantial 2x4 stud in the wall.

Over time, the millwork (jamb) bends, due to the door's weight and the door becomes out of alignment with the jamb. To correct this misalignment, you will need to shim the hinge opposite the wide gap (see Fig. 1).

  Door gap

One single QAHS shim moves the door 1/16".


Fold entire sheet of three into a 'Z' shape (as shown in Fig. 2) to correct larger gaps.

  Remove screws
  Open the door to access door hinge screws. Remove top and bottom screws (as shown in Fig. 3 & 4).   Remove screws
  Set aside the two loose screws. Your hinge should look something like this. (Fig. 4).   Remove screws
  Loosen center screw 1 1/2 turns (Fig. 5). This keeps the door in place while allowing space behind the hinge.   Remove screws
  Now, swing the door towards the closed position and you'll have more room to insert the shim (Fig. 6)   Remove screws
  Slide the desired thickness of shim(s) between the jamb and hinge leaf (Fig. 7).   Remove screws
  Swing door open again for better access to the screws. Tighten center screw, then reinstall top and bottom screws (Fig. 8).   Remove screws
  Completed door alignment (Fig. 9).  
Remove screws
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